Why Trenchless?

Why Trenchless?

Trenchless refers to the restoration, or renewal of underground pipes with minimum excavation or digging of the ground.




Saves Money & Time:
Completing pipe repairs using trenchless technology is less expensive because structural modification, such as digging-up the ground or taking out floors/walls, is not required. Often, no digging equipment is necessary saving that cost and time. With less physical disruption, and less clean-up effort, there is less labor required.  Even with less labor needed, the pipe repair is completed quicker, which also reduces the number of labor hours.

Less Disruptive & Environmentally Friendly:
No digging-up of your ground, or tearing-up of your walls and floors not only reduces any environmental damage, it dramatically reduces the time and associated costs!  These Trenchless techniques are also often the least costly option as well as the least disruptive.  Less hassle for anyone occupying the premises.



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